Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Guide to Emotions - Men and Divorce

A Guide to Emotions - Men and Divorce
Men and divorce tend to have guys go through enormous emotional strain even though society often doesn't recognize it. So often the emotional pain of the divorced man seems to be glossed over in favor of helping women deal with their marriage break up. Men have emotions too though, and without understanding them we cannot work to resolve the issues that are causing us pain and hardship.

So what is going on inside a man’s head living in a post divorce world?

Surface Emotions

One the surface we know the feelings that control our minds after divorce, they are pretty easy to pick. Anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, jealousy and many more very negative emotions tends to crowd your mind and make it difficult to think clearly and act in ways that improve your life.

These emotions seem natural enough when your life is falling apart, but why are they so hard to deal with? Why do we get stuck in these modes and act out in damaging ways rather then resolve them? The answer may be that these emotions are not solvable by dealing with them individually, but instead looking even deeper into your mind and solving the conflict raging there.

Underlying Psychological Issues

These issues are not just deeper anger; they are conflict some would say of the soul. It is a fight between your ego which is how you view yourself in the world, and how it must change and adapt. The ego also HATES to change because it is a total reinvention of yourself, a step into the unknown. Combine this with an enormous drop in self esteem and you have a breeding ground for negativity and lashing out.

So what is a guy to do?

The real battle is not to bolster your self esteem as this is a fools game. It leads men to do very silly things to make them feel more powerful, more attractive, more in control. All these things can be stripped from you and are not real and lasting.

The real battle is to not be reliant on self esteem as your measure of self worth, but instead having the self respect in yourself to be at peace with who you are despite your circumstances and what other people think.

This is a complex topic that requires serious introspection and understanding though. If you want to know more about the hidden psychology of your mind is causing you emotional pain and stopping you from moving on from your divorce, click here to discover a battle plan for post-divorce recovery. Moreover, it will also help you in gaining best possible results for your dating after divorce.

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