Friday, 11 October 2013

Coping After Divorce for Men Struggling With Marriage Break Up

Coping After Divorce for Men Struggling With Marriage Break Up
Are you not coping after divorce well? Are you overwhelmed with the painful memories, the bitter arguments, the feeling of emasculation, or are just sad for no definable reason? Coping with depression after divorce for men? Well perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that nearly all men go through this process, but those that come out the other side have done some serious mental rearrangement while those that get mired in post-divorce hell are missing some crucial pieces of information. To help you cope with this rough patch allowing you can be free of your divorce and be happy, here are a few things you must know.

Self Pity is Poisonous

While it is easy to say “poor me”, for a time you will have the luxury of moping and being sad, to continue this behavior is a self destructive and poisonous path. Being the victim may make you feel entitled to pity and sympathy but this quickly wears thin on other people and makes you reliant on other people stroking your ego. A man who is truly free of the impact of divorce will not wallow in self pity but will be happy with himself without the need for others to feed your self esteem and victim complex. You must take the step forward and release your victim and believe instead you are a winner!

Hatred Never Helps

Another negative emotion that guys get stuck on after a divorce is hatred and resentment towards their ex wife, or other people involved in the divorce somehow. This is a useless emotion though that hinders your personal development. IT also does nothing to hurt or hinder those that you hate, it simply drags you down and colors your life with a dark and hatful brush. Being able to forgive is a talent that will set you free from the emotional turmoil you are trapped in. For more information on coping after divorce for men to help you overcome the problems that beset you, click below for a guide written by a divorced man, for divorced men, to help them in coping with depression after divorce.
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